Ease the Traffic and Relieve Parking Chaos

Increasing no. of automobiles and traffic congestion in all major cities across the world, has necessitated the need for effective Traffic and Parking Management systems. The aging infrastructure and scarcity of space has made it even more important to deploy such solutions faster to make transportation smoother and convenient for everyone.

Whether the parking is commercial, for university/college or residential, it cannot be managed manually and that is where Technology plays a major role by automating all the processes and making the required information available in real time.

Project Overview

It is very comprehensive software developed for one of our U.S. based clients with high-end features. The solution not only allows issuing challans for parking and traffic violation but it also facilitates challan payment, contest or appeal against the issued challans and these all components constitute an integrated and intelligent software.

There is an extensive web based backend to manage entire features for varying stakeholders and some smaller mobile apps for the people working on the field to compliment the software as a comprehensive parking solution.

Along with web based backend the role based mobile apps are as below:

  • Parking Duty Managers & Vehicle Owners (Parking Application)

  • Pticket Application (Payment Solution)

  • Track Duty Officers (Tracking Application)

  • Traffic Application

Parking Application

There are two roles involved in any Parking Application, one is - End Users of the application, who are seeking parking at available parking slots and other is - Duty or Enforcement Officer, who issues challans/tickets for any parking violation. Our Parking Management Software has been designed keeping in mind both the roles and convenience of all stakeholders involved with below components:

App for End Users

From end users perspective, the most crucial feature of the app is populating accurate data to them of available parking slots. The data is pulled from different data points and synced in app interface.

Salient features:

  • Location based search for nearby or desired parking places

  • Looking for number of parking slots available at desired places with time element

  • Booking parking place and paying fee for it

App for Duty/Enforcement Officer

The app populates entire data of approved parking slots with time elements and vehicle registration number

Salient Features:

  • Enforcement officers can see parking related data in app

  • They can impose penalty for wrong parking, while doing so, they can upload some images and submit remarks to support the reason for imposing penalty to the vehicle owner

As the app helps officers working in field to impose penalty for parking violation, it works with extensive database driven backend mechanism.

Pticket Application

It’s a component of parking software for the end users to pay the penalty imposed on them for parking violation. If they think that the penalty imposed on them is not valid, this app does provide them interface to file dispute with their arguments.

Penalty imposed on end users

Penalty imposed on end users

File dispute by uploading documents, images and remarkds

Pay for the fine imposed

Submit to respective authority

Traffic Application

This is a separate part of the parking software and is used by the TrafficInspector. The purpose of this application is to raise the challan against violation of traffic rules. If any vehicle owner violates the traffic rules, duty officer can issue a challan.

Field Tracking Application

The app helps track the current location of enforcement officers who are in the city, issuing parking and traffic challans. They can check the real time location of any duty officer along with statistics such as - how much challan they issued in a day or in a specific time period, their current status etc. They can send message/notification to duty officers anytime.